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Local Activities

Welcome to Ranch Country!
The Best Place to Stay in Southwest Montana for Hunting, Riding, and Outdoor Activities

A certain mystique typically envelops the mind when “Montana” enters our thoughts.  Whether you’ve been allured by the gentle voice of Robert Redford narrating “A River Runs Through It,” or simply mystified by pictures of an unparalleled abundance of wildlife, big sky sunsets, endless mountain landscapes, and secluded high mountain lakes below rocky peaks, Montana will always leave a profound impact on anyone that sets out to truly embrace all there is to offer.   


Every part of this incredible state is uniquely different, and the Horse Prairie is no exception. In fact, resting just a few hours from Yellowstone National Park, the Horse Prairie is, in our opinion, geographically situated to provide more of what Montana has to offer than anywhere else in the state. Because of this, there is ample opportunity to participate in activities in the area such as skiing, snowmobiling, and more. Whether coming through in summer, winter, fall, or spring, the trails are abundant, the wildlife is rife, the fishing is always popping, and the local hospitality never fails.


Inquire about trail rides, hunts, or more, chances are we have just the hook-up for you.


Local Attractions & Services Offered
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Shuttle Services to Yellowstone

Located only a few hours away is Yellowstone National Park. For those looking to venture into the park for a day or two, and then head home for some rest after the hustle and bustle, this is your stop. Everything is weather dependent, but we also may be available to offer shuttle services to and from the park if you book ahead of time! 

Shuttle Services to Yellowstone in Southwest Montana

Hunting & Fishing

If your dream has been to come to Montana and experience this great country like the locals, you've come to the right place! Incredible scenery, blue-ribbon trout streams, and acres of land for hunters to scout. As an in with the local guides and land owners, this is the place to be. Book your stay ahead of the season and plan on bringing a crew, our accommodations are meant to accommodate groups once the season hits.

A rustic hunting lodge near Dillon Montana

Rodeos, Hot Springs, Crystal Digging & More

We aren't just here for the hunting season, families often stop in on their trip through Montana to enjoy the rustic side of life, and to experience some of the more local attractions. Within an hour of two hot springs and even a Crystal Park, these Montana wonders are something special to this area. Though this isn't the only attraction, stop by in the summertime for some rodeo fun, they happen almost every weekend!

Cowboy at the Rodeo
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