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Horse Prairie Stage Stop


11800 Highway 324, Grant, MT 59725

Tel: 406-681-3144

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About the Historic Horse Prairie Stage Stop - Step Back in the Past When Staying with Us


The old stage stop has a rich history and interesting progression to its present-day status. Prior to folks heading over the Lemhi pass, the Stage Stop in Grant existed as a final point to telegraph information, send and receive mail, and stock up on supplies to survive the treacherous pass crossing between Montana and Idaho. The historic original hotel registries dating back to the 1890s are still available for viewing and examination with assistance provided by a hotel staff member. The writing and preservation of these original registries are fascinating. In addition, as the Stage Stop existed as the last stop and termination point on the line, the old telegraph messages are also available for viewing.


The present-day structure is an amalgamation and progression of over 160 years of development. The oldest portion of the structure is the saloon, originally built a few miles West of the current location. Due to poor ground selection, the structure partially began sinking into the earth before it was recovered and rolled on logs to where it presently rests. Over the years, and as requirements grew, several additions were added. To this day, the saloon’s original hardwood floor has never been replaced and is still as solid as the day it was built! The structure, thick with old-growth timbers throughout, is virtually a fortress and exists as a testament to the craftsmanship and quality of work adhered to by our preceding generations.  

Proudly Veteran-Owned


Ownership of the Stage Stop has remarkably only changed hands a total of four times in over 160 years. The majority of the relatively recent construction and much of the beautiful woodwork and carpentry in the hotel were completed by the third owner, Monte J Elliott. The present-day owner, Major Jason Vose, USMC (ret) has owned the business since 2002 and has provided a focused effort to preserve and maintain the historical and antique items throughout the lodge.  At the same time, measures have been incorporated to update many creature comforts and increase advertisement to reach a broader clientele. Jason’s brother-in-law, Eric Fernandez, has provided management to the Stage Stop for the majority of the past decade and serves as a caring and jovial advisor and friend to all that frequent the Stage Stop. Eric also spent time in the army. As a former paratrooper with 82nd Airborne, the Vose-Fernandez team naturally cater kindly to the military community and provide a generous 10% discount to all active duty and retired military.


Though always a work in progress, we thank all of our loyal friends, neighbors, and customers throughout the years who have visited the Stage Stop, we couldn’t ask for a better life for this historic treasure.

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