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Historically One of the Favorite Places to Eat and Stay in Montana - Join the Cowboys at the Local Watering Hole for the Best Steaks Around

Few know our secret, but those who do will tell you without falter that we have some of the best meals out on the Horse Prairie. Not only do we offer nightly specials on beer, food, and wine, but our locally sourced, dry-aged steaks are next to none. Locals rave about them, and our hunting crowds come back every year with preorders already sent in for the next.

What makes our dry-aged steaks so special?


There's a difference between Grass-Fed, Organic, and Locally Sourced. Ours come straight from the neighbors where the fertile lands of the Horse Prairie provide for some of the best cattle feeding around. With the cleanest mountain streams to drink from and miles to roam, our beef are healthy and happy, and the flavor comes through in our steaks. Dry-aged to turn them into the tenderest pieces of meat imaginable, you’ll understand once you try them. 


Daily Specials, Dry-Aged Steaks, Beer, Wine and Other Menu Items

Menu & Specials


Life on the Ranch - Have a Beer, Meet the Locals


Proudly secluded from the troubles and tempo of the rest of the modern world, the Horse Prairie and Grant, Montana will take you back to a simpler time. The folks here lead a proud life, where considerable joy is taken in the many pleasures associated with ranch life and living in Montana’s backcountry.  


Some of the local hands work short-term moving cattle about the Prairie, taking care of livestock, and taking care of projects that come with the ins and outs of a working ranch. Days are long, starting before sunrise and often ending after sunset. Despite the hardships, many choose to make this a career and would never trade life in the saddle for anything.


Winters can be brutal and those that endure are proven to be some of the toughest “cowboys” you’ll ever set your eyes on. Many of the ranch hands and ranch owners from the Prairie are regular, welcomed patrons of the HPSS and often are a source of great knowledge to our visitors and hotel guests. The locals can provide exceptional tips for hunting and fishing, past and current patterns of wildlife movements, and if you’re lucky, you might even be given access to a sweet spot on or through their property.   

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